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Expanding Your Comfort Zone Series: A Culture Savvy Professional

Have you ever dreamed of working abroad or in an international organization? Are you planning to? You’ve got the qualifications, the right motivation, skills and functional experience. But,, do you also have the knowledge and right mindset to communicate, build relationships and perform your work in a multicultural environment? I’ve had the pleasures and challenges […]

Never ever ever never never

We will never be able to please everyone in every moment at any day. That’s a fact. Jesus didn’t do it, Gandhi neither and nor did Martin Luther King. No one has in the history of humankind. According to psychologists, the need to please others can manifest in always saying YES to others, or by […]

3 Ways to Weaken Fear of Failure

Move Over, Atychiphobia! You are not alone, my dear. Fear of failure is common to everyone. Atychiphobia is the fear of failure or failing. When you’re starting a new venture, switching careers, or trying something new, or for no matter what intent, this fear can plague and limit us. This too is one of my […]

5 Tips to Lasting Positive Self-Belief

I recently had a coaching session with a really talented, promising, enthusiastic and passionate young professional. She knows what she wants and in fact she has been intuitively allotting time in self-reflection to find out where her interests and skills lie. But she has one big kryptonite – lack of positive self-belief. She wants so […]

Personal Leadership is like a See Saw Ride

I have fond memories of my childhood and plenty of them were spent in public playgrounds. Especially during school breaks, I always asked to go to a playground. Back then, public playgrounds in the Philippines where only found in the city centre, opposite or next to the parish church. Unlike here in the Netherlands, public […]