Do It With Your Whole Heart

You’ve heard this so many times but perhaps you haven’t been able to completely grasp it yet. Do work with your heart.

The generation of today are all about doing work from a place passion, love, and wholeheartedness. If you are from the same generation where I come from, you may have decided a career path based on what could potentially give you the ‘brightest’ future. Brightest meant holding a degree that would land you a job with good salary in a prestigious company. This promised a life that’s comfortable and financially rewarding. Is this what’s truly important for you?

Alan Cohen writes in his book Enough Already that, “The most self-defeating thing you can do is to take action with divided intention. If you are doing something while resisting, resenting, or complaining about it, you are ripping yourself off, along with everyone else involved. Nothing is more annoying than someone doing something and kvetching and whining as they do it. Either do something with a whole heart or don’t do it. If you agree to do something, then really do it. If you don’t agree to do it, then really don’t do it. Be total.”

A rude awakening for some, but also a great reminder if you’re selling yourself short of the joy and satisfaction of doing work that you enjoy, gives you energy or love! When you do work that puts a smile on your face, you are much more productive, creative, and engaged. Sounds good?

Yes ok, that sounds good and ideal but you’re asking, how can I start? A simple question that’s quite daunting.

As a personal leadership coach, trainer and advocate, I encourage and invite you to start doing work from a place of total commitment. Start with asking what you believe your added value is professionally – your talents, skills, motivations, and experiences. Follow it with finding out what gives you energy, inspires you, gives you a kick when doing work? Ask yourself, if my role changes what parts of it do I absolutely want to keep? And finally, determine what you value as a person and a professional.

The only way you can work with total and wholehearted commitment is when you’re coming from a place of authenticity, personal integrity and personal leadership. Start making more conscious and grounded career and life decisions.

Take a step back and ask yourself this: What’s an important question could I ask myself that could give me the much needed perspective to start working wholeheartedly again?

If you need a space that will give you the personal attention you need to make a wholehearted career decision, come to the Passion and Courage Masterclass facilitated by me and Liz Calvert on the 31st of October or 21st November 2015, in Amsterdam.

With you,

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